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Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Education: Will It Reshape the MBA in India?

Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Education: Will It Reshape the MBA in India?

The education sector with management education suffered the most in the covid pandemic due to a lack of technological development in developing & poor countries.

August, 03 2022

The path of deciding on and achieving an MBA is never easy! Costs and expenses aside, the extensive time involved in pursuing this study indicates the time which will be spent away from employment, while unveiling the foregone income along with some other investments.

Since COVID-19 did not just stay as a virus but emerged as a full-fledged phase, the entire education sector experienced quite a setback.

Along with this, the pandemic also created an economic slump that had constrained various types of companies to revaluate most of their recruiting plans.

Meanwhile, the business institutes needed to rebuild how they convey the MBA experience because of constant lockdowns and different limitations.

Empirical results were found to suggest that the COVID-19 pandemic generally had a stronger effect on part-time students, undergraduate students, applied sciences students, and students from less developed regions.

Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on Education

Schools, colleges, and universities have been closed to control the spread of the coronavirus.

This immediate school closure brought about various difficulties for students, teachers, and parents.

Not left with any other choice, institutions had to switch on the mode of the online teaching-learning process in order to continue the education system.

However, the absence of universities' infrastructures, PCs, and web access has highly challenged online learning in certain developing nations.

Since COVID-19 has had a high impact on developing countries, it has been recommended to enhance virtual class infrastructures.

COVID-19 has also impacted the overall working of business schools which play a key role in helping MBA students through cross-functional academics and practical learning.

Apart from that, the Indian business institutes have proactively been working on bringing together information, innovation, and advancement in their various educational programs for a couple of years, to facilitate easy learning.

After all this, it's quite natural to contemplate why an MBA still makes sense and what role it can play in equipping you with the necessary skills for a post-pandemic world.

The Pivotal Role Played By an MBA

Most of these schools are focused on teaching students what leadership refers to during a disruption, be it a pandemic or technological revolution.

This has been an essential part of the curriculum to help students emerge stronger in the real world with adept problem-solving capabilities.

MBA programs are even using a combination of classroom lectures, live projects, simulations, and sessions with leading industry executives to achieve this important goal of inculcating leadership qualities amongst students.

The MBA additionally offers students an opportunity to foster their delicate abilities.

This includes their capacity to think fundamentally and imaginatively and work together, which are all turning out to be some of the progressive and significant characteristics as most companies experience continuous changes.

Though COVID-19 has introduced extensive changes, especially in the education sector, the future of MBA in India still shines bright.

Additionally, business colleges in India are expected to have increased noteworthy independence in fostering their academic experiences.

The attention of these schools will be on providing more practical and skill-based learning to students, along these lines guaranteeing that MBA graduates are appropriately prepared to flourish after joining the industry.

Will it reshape the MBA program in India?

What was actually supposed to be quite a three-month interruption to the MBA program and all the other forms of education became a full two-year challenge.

Luckily, the Indian economy has recovered, and recruitment has once again emerged as a solid.

Rather than bringing about a change in the modes of how MBA education proceeds, more emphasis would be laid out on the content which B schools provide.

Since COVID-19 enhanced the online globe, companies are more focused on hiring individuals who shoot their businesses over the internet.

MBA education in India would experience a huge change, and the content would include increased types of skills involving technology and the digital sphere.

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