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Career Opportunities for Freshers in the Finance Field - Jobs After MBA

Career Opportunities for Freshers in the Finance Field - Jobs After MBA

Finance is the backbone of the corporate world. There are many career opportunities available for students after completing their MBA finance studies.

Dr. Shripad Joshi
September, 06 2022

There are a variety of jobs that an MBA in finance can do. It majorly includes Corporate Finance, Wealth & Portfolio Management, Research Analyst, Financial Consulting, and Merchant Banking.

Not just limited to this, an MBA in finance is also specialized in Risk Management, Private/Retail Banking, Asset Management, Project Finance, Private Equity, and many more employment choices.

In today's competitive world, getting an MBA degree is especially helpful for people who want to work in senior management roles or start their own businesses.

Candidates who pursue an MBA degree will have many possibilities to network and build their managerial skills. Diversified skills are required by the business.

Career after MBA in Finance

The financial area focuses on investment and asset risk dynamics across time under varying levels of uncertainty.

During the MBA in Finance program, you will study how to use capital budgeting to make decisions, as well as how to assess the relative strengths of asset valuation approaches such as payback period, internal rate of return, and discounted cash flow models.

Top business schools create curriculums that require students to actively participate in study sessions.

Corporate finance courses largely focus on evaluating complex investments as well as developing and implementing financial policies.

They discussed financial analysis techniques and policy options such as dividends or debt or equity financing, market volatility, mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and initial public offerings (IPOs).

Top 10 Jobs in Finance after MBA

1. Corporate Finance

A corporate finance professional is responsible for managing the company's day-to-day financial transactions, from recording transactions to making financial decisions such as seeking or granting loans, determining debtor credit tenure, investing in long-term or short-term assets, and investing financial resources.

2. Wealth and Portfolio Management

Consult and advise customers on investment objectives targeted at improving investment performance, creating reports on investment activity and performance, and communicating effectively with clients about investment accounts, market circumstances, and economic trends are just a few of the responsibilities.

3. Investment Banking

An investment banker provides specialized financial consulting services to his or her clients, based on the client's needs.

An investment banker's responsibilities often include equities research, mergers and acquisitions, asset and portfolio management, financial modeling, and other related activities.

4. Finance Research Analyst

Financial analysts are the ones that are frequently aligned with examining investments along with their market performance.

They even use various fundamental analyses in order to assess a specific company's worth or investment potential.

A detailed analysis of a company's profitability, revenue, earnings, sales, and outstanding debt could be part of the process.

5. Financial Consulting

Certified Financial Consultants provide financial advisory services to large organizations, government agencies, and individual clients.

A financial consultant's major work is to give an expert opinion on all the objective assessments on a suggested company plan or choice.

6. Merchant Banking

Merchant banking is a professional service that merchant banks provide to their customers in consideration of their financial needs in exchange for a charge.

Merchant banks are financial institutions that provide major firms with fundraising, financial advice, and loan services.

7. Risk Management

The entire process of discovering and controlling threats to an organization's capital and revenues is widely known as risk management.

There are a huge number of potential causes of risk. These mainly include legal obligations, technical challenges, strategic management failures, accidents, and even some financial uncertainties.

8. Asset Management

Asset management is the process of accumulating, managing, and trading investments with the potential to rise in value over time in order to increase total wealth.

This is an absolute service that asset management specialists provide.

9. Project Finance

Project finance is known to be the use of a limited recourse financial structure to fund long-term infrastructure and public services.

The entire cash flow created by the project is utilized to repay the loans and equity used to fund the project.

10. Private Equity/Venture Capital

Private equity is the capital that gets invested in a company or other entity that is not publicly listed.

Venture capital is a major funding given to various start-ups or other young businesses that have the potential to grow.

There is a wide choice of opportunities in Finance after doing an MBA. You will acquire particular financial planning skills, financial decision-making, budgeting, costing, investment management, international finance, working capital management, and corporate finance when you enroll in an MBA Finance program.

An MBA in finance can operate in both the banking and non-banking sectors.

You can work in a variety of industries, including real estate, investment banking, and banking. Financial experts are required in every industry to preserve capital equilibrium.

All the students who have completed their MBA in finance have several work prospects in both the public and private sectors.

He or she could easily work in the stock market, a prestigious organization, the finance ministry, or any other relevant field.

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