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Old Japan-young India and tremendous opportunities

Old Japan-young India and tremendous opportunities

Japan is known for its advanced technology, better work culture. there is a good opportunity for India to supply skilled workers to Japan by providing required skills and Japanese language training

Prof. Ms. Sonali Meshram
May, 06 2021

It is said that when you are old you need a stick to support!  Why Indian have traditionally insistent to expand their family first? There are so many stories of Kingdoms and Kings with dozens of wives. Though it was in ancient times importance is carried forward in today’s era also. 

Japan is the land of the rising sun where technology never sleeps. Japan is having a legacy of technical excellence; Japan is famed for its cutting-edge technology. Japanese inventions have changed the way we live. 

But it is not the technology that can produce more human beings. Japanese workaholic culture is so prominent, and they are so fond of their individuality that many of the men and women preferred to live single without getting involved in marriages. Their healthy lifestyle is another important factor for their long age. 

A Japanese person’s average life expectancy is between 80 to 90 years for both males and females. Japanese women are the longest-living women in the world. More than the one-third population of Japan is above the age group of 60 years also more than 20% people of the total population is above 65 years and on top of that, they have almost 12% of people over the age group of 75 years. That clearly gives an indication of not have a young population who can handle the Japanese legacy. Research also has shown that the many villages in Japan are now empty i.e., the people are not living there.

Japanese people are very much reluctant to the English language. Their education and all the communication are done in the Japanese language only. In Japanese, there are three scripts Katakana, Hiragana, and Kanji. 

Katakana is used for the foreign words introduced in Japanese, Hiragana is used for authentic and Japanese original words and Kanjis is used for the pictorial representation of the words. All combined make the Japanese language. Though this language is difficult to learn, it is having tremendous scope in the coming years.

There is a total of 5 levels to learn this language and get certified as N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1. N5 is the basic level and N1 is the proficient level of language. It takes between 3 to 4 years to reach the N1 level of proficiency. But the job doors are open for the candidates having N3 certification.

 In a recent development, Japanese ambassador Suzuki Santoshi visited India and signed an agreement with foreign secretary Harsh Shringla for 14 kinds of skilled workers. The 14 specified industry fields include nursing care, building cleaning, material processing, industrial machinery manufacturing, electric and electronic information, construction, shipbuilding and ship-related industry, automobile maintenance, aviation, lodging, agriculture, fisheries, food and beverages manufacturing, and food service industry.

India is well known for its young population. Almost 67 % of the total population is between the age group of 15-64. This can be a great asset for the development of our nation. If the education industry could develop the Japanese language and required skill sets, India can supply huge skilled people to Japan. Indian skilled workers are in demand the world, but Japan particularly can be the potential country for India where Indians can earn their bread and butter and improve their livelihood

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